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Photo Credit: Debbie Wolff Art: Identity Awareness Family by Shane Pitzer Year: 2017
Photo Credit: Debbie Wolff

February 8, 2024

Greetings German Burners!


The Burning Man Regional Network team, in collaboration with local leaders, is searching for additional community leaders to build and nurture Burning Man community initiatives in Germany. These Regional Contacts (“RCs”) will serve alongside the current Germany Regional Contacts, Amely “Mephy” Kling, Joerg Pfuetzner, Claudia Stecher, Axel Vetter, and Holger “Owl” Wessels.

These 13 candidates have stepped up to volunteer as Regional Contacts and help keep the flame burning:

  • Britta Kronacher (“Mint”)
  • Aaron “Slim” Muszalski
  • Antonella Siconolfi
  • Graeme McKay
  • Niklas Hoersch
  • Kilian Schiller
  • Marouene Khlifi aka Maru
  • Severin Taranko
  • Dr. Kajsa Philippa Niehusen
  • Kathleen Aldinger
  • Marina Hessmann
  • Alexander Paulski

Regional Contacts work to help strengthen and foster connections in local regions. As such, we request your feedback about each candidate under consideration. This assists us in making the best selection for your local community.

If you know any of these candidates, please complete this community feedback survey by Thursday 22 February.


Please share this link far and wide, we appreciate all the feedback we can get!
The survey allows you to easily skip candidates you don’t know.

Your confidential feedback assists us in making the best selection for your local community. All feedback from this survey is provided to the RC selection team anonymously – all identifying information is removed.

You can learn more about the Regional Contact selection process by reading:

If you have questions about this process or additional feedback, which cannot be captured in the survey, please don’t hesitate to email us via Thank you!

With Appreciation,
The Regional Network, Burning Man Project

January 23, 2024

Hello German Burners!

We’re writing to you from Burning Man world headquarters and we have exciting news! We are launching the search for Regional Contacts in Germany to empower and support cultural growth across your region. 

Current Germany Regional Contacts, Amely “Mephy” Kling, Joerg Pfuetzner, Claudia Stecher, Axel Vetter, and Holger “Owl” Wessels steward the community, but because Germany has such an active, engaged, and exciting region, we all agreed they need some well-deserved help! 

Our team is now searching for community members to contribute their spark and step into this leadership role. Regional Contacts volunteer year-round to build and nurture Burning Man community initiatives on a local level. They facilitate communication and collaboration with and between local community members, various local community groups and the Burning Man Regional Network Team. Could this be YOU? 

If you live in Germany year-round and are interested in becoming a Burning Man Regional Contact, please read about the Regional Network, search process, and  Regional Leadership Criteria.

Please do not apply until you’ve read all of these resource pages!

As a Germany RC, we are looking for the following skills and attributes:

  • Collaborates, works well with a range of personalities, and can build bridges between community members across Germany, including welcoming new burners and re-engaging established members.
  • Actively listens and responds to community needs and ideas.
  • Expresses themself with strong written, verbal, and public speaking communication skills; understands the importance of communication as a community-building, engagement and strengthening tool.
  • Holds strong technology & social media skills, including:
    • Google Group email lists (it is important that RCs post and approve posts to the list in a consistent and timely manner)
    • Website management skills (basic editing of the Germany Region’s page)
  • Welcomes feedback from the community and recognizes the need for a leader to plan for their own eventual succession.
  • Maintains a mindset of flexibility about ownership rather than possession and is willing to help build a team through delegating and sharing responsibilities to develop the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Embraces difficult conversations conflict resolution and community mediation skills.
  • Has capacity to take on the full duties of the Regional Contact role.

We are especially hopeful to welcome applicants from several regions in Germany that are not currently covered by Regional Contacts, such as Cologne, Frankfurt/Main and Dresden and we also would like to place someone in Berlin.

If you feel qualified to self-nominate to be a Burning Man Regional Contact, please complete these two items by Tuesday 6 February, 2024:

  1. Email please add Germany Regional Contact in the subject line and introduce yourself. Share more about your local involvement and your relevant leadership experience.  *AND*
  2. Complete the Volunteer Questionnaire. Log into your Burner Profile and complete this survey. You MUST CHECK “Regional Contacts” as one of your 3 teams in order for us to receive this form. If you have already filled out a Volunteer Questionnaire, please check that you’ve indicated “Regional Contacts” as one of your areas of interest.

After the window to self-nominate closes, we’ll send out a community feedback survey to gather community input on each candidate.

Key dates in our Germany RC search process, subject to change, are:

  • 6 February, 2024:  Deadline to self-nominate with intro email and volunteer questionnaire
  • 8 February: Opportunity for community feedback on candidates opens via confidential survey
  • 22 February: Community Feedback phase closes
  • February/ March: Candidates will be interviewed by the interview team
  • Mid-March: Final decisions made and candidates notified; onboarding begins
  • April: New RC announcements shared with the community

If you feel like you may be a good fit for the Germany RC team, we warmly welcome you to step up and take part in our selection process. If you have specific questions, reach us at

Please consider amplifying this announcement to your socials and sharing with your communities throughout Germany! Announcement link: 

With Excitement,

Acacia Coast
Project Manager, Regional Network
Burning Man Project 

Photo Credit: Debbie Wolff
Art: Identity Awareness Family by Shane Pitzer
Year: 2017