Meta Regional Committee


The Meta Regional Committee fosters collaboration and communication throughout the Regional Network, and offers a strategic sounding board for the Burning Man Project. Our group includes seasoned Regional Contacts and participants with community-building and event experience beyond Black Rock City. Individually and collectively, Metas serve to network the network.

Roles and Responsibilities

Regional Contact Intake and Training
Assist with Regional Contact selection: Interview candidates, review community feedback, make recommendations, mentor new Regional Contacts.
Conduct check-in conversations with Regional Contacts.

Education and Development
Support production of educational content for Regional Contacts and community members, including training materials and toolkits.
Contribute content to Regional Scoop (regionals-list announcements).
Participate in regionals-list email discussions and Hive groups.
Join Trash Fence Cafes (RC Peer to Peer Support Calls).
Present at Regional Network Forum.

Conflict Mediation
Mediate conflicts between Regional Contacts, and between Regional Contacts and community members: Review complaints, offer counsel, propose local solutions.

Analyze Annual Regional Recap Reports: Identify regional and global trends and challenges.
Advise on Regional Network Team goals and strategy: Recommend practical interventions to promote organizational efficiency and community engagement.
Build bridges between the Burning Man Project staff, board members and global community: Envision, plan, and communicate strategic direction. 

Meta Regional Committee Composition

The Meta Regional Committee is composed of senior Regional Contacts, alumni, active community leaders, and Burning Man Project staff who reflect and supplement the geographical diversity, technical expertise, and organizational pillars of the global Burner community, including: Event Production, Civic Engagement, Sustainability, Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (R.I.D.E.), Conflict Mediation.

Meta Regional Committee Selection
The Meta Regional Committee may select new members to expand its capabilities, ensure diversity of representation, and replace departing members. In general, Meta Regional Committee positions are reserved for Regional Contacts or Regional Contact Alumni in good standing. In exceptional cases, people who have not served as Regional Contacts and have demonstrated extraordinary community leadership experience beyond the Black Rock City event will be considered for membership.

Meta Regional Sub-committees
Meta Regional Contacts may form Sub-Committees to support specific projects. These sub-committees may appoint ad hoc members, whether drawn from the Meta Committee or broader community.


Kay Morrison (Seattle)
Tiya Coleman (Las Vegas)
Scott Platsky (Arizona)
Joshua Shessel aka Mountie (Toronto)
Ian Rowen (Taiwan)
Tzara Vierck (Portland)
Eric Griswold (Wisconsin)
Omer Kalderon (Tel Aviv)
Katharina Hagg aka MokKa (Berlin)
Justin McGhee (Melbourne)
David McLean aka DiverDave (Seattle)
Iris Yee (Burning Man Project)

Contact Information