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Burning Man Regional Network Forum: Hello Again!
hosted by the Regional Network Team 

Calling all Burner community leaders, creators and instigators from around the world!

Let’s get together. Registration is now open for the virtual Burning Man Regional Network Forum: Hello Again! on April 16, 2022, hosted by the Regional Network Team. And YOU are invited! 

This is an invitation to share your spark with fellow community instigators and facilitators in the global Burning Man community. Reconnect with peers over the exchange of ideas. Re-ignite inspiration through discussion of how our local gatherings, year-round spaces and projects can be more inclusive, environmentally sustainable and meaningfully connected. Registration is free. 

What:    Burning Man Regional Network Forum: Hello Again!

When:   Saturday, April 16, 2022 from 9am – 1pm PDT / 12-4pm EDT / 6-10pm CEST

Where:  Virtual – Register Now!

Fuego Austral in Argentina. Photo by Andrés de León 2019.
Fuego Austral in Argentina. Photo by Andrés de León 2019.

Read about Forum theme
Hello Again!

 “Hello”…such a simple word that has become pregnant with deeper meaning, anticipation and excitement! Burner communities and Regional Event teams around the world are emerging from isolation to share art and revive beloved community projects and gatherings. Others are taking a bit more time to strike the right balance between personal and community well being. One thing is for sure: many of us are anxious to just be able to greet one another again. Saying hello means so much more than it used to, especially as many of us actually get back to saying hello again in person! 

We have been living through something surreal, yet powerfully real and humanizing. Some of us want to wake up from the nightmare; others have stretched their arms, wiped the cobwebs from the corners of their minds, and are already stepping back into the world with a renewed sense of wakeful purpose. How do we re-enter the world and greet one another in a way that is meaningful after what we have been going through–and still are? What matters most about how we relate when we step into this new social context for experiencing the world anew? While we’re at it, how can we make our community spaces and gatherings even more welcoming, environmentally sustainable, imaginative, worth doing, and badass freaking wonderful?!!! 

The world sure can use more of all of that at the moment and we think we know some people who might just be up for that challenge. In fact, you may already be a member. 

As many of us venture out of private realities and dip our toes back into the technicolor waters of collective dreaming and doing, it’s fitting that we reassemble a virtual flotilla of Regional Network leaders to share what’s up and what they are in the process of dreaming up! We invite community organizers from around the world to meet one another and share info, ideas, and encouragement to dream big–or just the right size for wherever your community may be in the journey.

We invite YOU to say hello at the 2022 Regional Network Forum. This will be a special regathering and jumping off point for many of us. Realizing some folks are burnt out with online meetings, we will have a short and tight program with a bit of time at the end for socializing and “hello-ing”. 

We can’t wait to say “Hello Again!” to you! And all of us! 

AfrikaBurn 2012. Photo by Stu Shapiro.
AfrikaBurn 2012. Photo by Stu Shapiro.

Let us know what matters most to you

Request the burning topics you’d like to see discussed at the forum. Let us know in the Content and Volunteer Interest form so you can start applying learnings in your local community!

Share your ideas and skills

What would you like to bring to this experience? An inspirational community case study? Maybe you’d like to help facilitate group discussions? Bring a group of panelists together to share approaches to a common question? We’d love to hear from you! 

We are especially seeking…

  • Content and speakers to explore emerging hot topics including:
    • Volunteer recruitment, retention, development, and succession planning
    • Developing civic projects
    • Fundraising tips (grant application, benefit events, etc.)
    • Practices to increase environmental sustainability at community events and spaces
    • Understanding and fostering Radical Inclusion, diversity and equity in our communities
    • Managing and resolving conflicts online and/or in-person

Submit your content proposals here by March 28 at 23:59 PDT.

To help you craft your content proposal, please check out the following resources:

Volunteer with us

Let us know how else you might like to be a part of creating this opportunity to connect and learn from each other. We are especially in need of:

  • Tech Moderators – Help run the Zoom rooms by muting open mics and ejecting intentionally disruptive participants (if needed)
  • Chat Moderators – Help make sure everyone gets their turn to ask questions and contribute to the conversation

Let us know in the Content and Volunteer Interest form.

Include your community in Hello Again!

Share the call for content and volunteer interest: Please let us know about Burners who are rocking inspirational projects and creatively solving challenges in your community by sharing this call for content with exemplary leaders in your region. We welcome community members of our expanding network to share their knowledge and talent at the Hello Again! forum. Please reach out to Burners who may be excited to participate.

Share the invitation to register widely: After you register, you will also be invited to join a group just for forum participants on Burning Man Hive network, an online community platform to exchange stories, skills, and knowledge with like-minded creators. Connect with each other, explore online courses to deepen your knowledge of forum topics, and continue discussion throughout the forum and beyond.

Free registration is required for participation in the forum and links to join forum content and social spaces will be sent 48 hours prior to the event. 

We’ve missed you. YOU are the reason we do what we do and we can’t wait to open this virtual forum and create a truly memorable experience for all involved.