Local Leadership Event Organizers

Who We Are

Local Leadership Event Organizers (LLEO) is a group of people who celebrate and strengthen Burning Man culture in their regional communities by coordinating conferences that invite personal connection, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and the development of best practices among Burning Man community leaders at a local level. 


Local Leadership Event Organizers (LLEO) brings seasoned Burner conference organizers together to understand better how we can use leadership gatherings to effectively strengthen our regional communities and empower them to put the 10 Principles into practice. We do this by learning from and sharing practices and ideas with each other about producing local Burner leadership conferences. We also create resources for and mentor other Burner community organizers who want to start their own regional leadership conference. 

Our History 

Local Leadership Event Organizers was formed in 2017 after the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference was held in San Francisco, California. It brought together regional community leaders who were organizing Burner leadership conferences closer to home to share learnings with each other at a more local level while celebrating their regional projects and events.

Learn more about the many different local leadership events across the Regional Network here.

Resources for Local Leadership Event Teams

Organizing a local Burner conference is an exciting and rewarding experience. We’ve created this workbook to help you plan a successful conference with your local community: Local Leadership Event Organizers Workbook – Your Handy Guide to Starting Your Own Local Community’s Multi-Organization Conference

Participation in Local Leadership Event Organizers (LLEO)

Local Leadership Event Organizers (LLEO) is composed of Burners actively serving in lead production roles for local leadership conferences. People who step into lead production roles in an existing Burner leadership conference or who are starting an entirely new Burner leadership conference are encouraged to contact lleo@burningman.org about joining the LLEO.

How to Contact Us

Do you have questions or comments about hosting or participating in a Burner conference? Email us at lleo@burningman.org.