Becoming a Regional Contact

So you’re interested in being a Regional Contact? Great! We’ve taken some time to outline the steps in the process of becoming a Regional Contact for Burning Man – if you are interested in learning more about this role, please familiarize yourself with the steps below.

Please note that we usually are not able to schedule interviews from the end of May through September. As summer ramps up, we must shift our focus to making Black Rock City happen. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hear from you, but we do request your patience and understanding during our event production crunch time.

  1. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Ten Principles and the Regional Contact Leadership and Criteria Expectations before you contact us.
  2. Perhaps you are hailing from a region that does not currently have a Regional Contact or maybe your local Regional Contact is stepping down or needs some additional support. If you are interested in the Regional Network and the Regional Contact role, please email to let us know you are interested and to learn more. We will respond and send you additional information. Please be aware that the interview queue to be a Regional Contact can be quite long. You may have to wait for a period of time before an interview can be scheduled.
  3. The Regional Selection Committee will review and determine its ability to support the addition of a Regional Contact in your area. In some cases, an applicant may be asked to enter into a mentorship with a neighboring Regional Contact to engender a connection to the Regional Network and facilitate the development of a local community.
  4. If you are responding to an open call for Regional Contacts that has been posted to a regional announcement list, we will allow two weeks for people to see and respond to the announcement.
  5. After the initial two weeks for a response, we will enter a community feedback process. The names of all potential Regional Contact candidates will be posted to their local regional announce list along with a link to a confidential feedback tool so we can hear from others in that region about each candidate.
  6. Either during or after the community feedback process is complete, a formal interview will be scheduled with a member of the Regionals Committee. This interview may take place via phone or in-person and generally takes about an hour.
  7. Once all interviews have been completed, the Regional Contact selection team will meet to determine/select the new Regional Contact(s).
  8. After the new Regional Contact has been selected, all candidates will be contacted to inform them of the decision. A new Regional Contact will be asked to sign the Volunteer Regional Contact Agreement and complete an online orientation. After that, a formal announcement will be made by the Regional Network Administrator to the local announcement list to let people know the outcome of the process.

For more details about the role and responsibilities of a Regional Contact, take a look at this sample copy of the Volunteer Regional Contact Agreement.

If you ever have any questions about the Regional Network, please email