2024 ELS Call for Content FAQ


Where and when is the next Burning Man European Leadership Summit? 

Tallinn, Estonia on 4-7 April 2024.

What is the theme?
BEing & Bridging: Together We Gather.  Our theme this year reflects on the joy of gathering in person again and our work bringing people together: to be wildly creative, to do good work in the world, to find themselves, to celebrate differences, to find commonalities, and discover our interconnected humanity in relationship with the natural world. While we are enjoying just being together in person again, let’s contemplate what bridges need to be built and what kind of futures are worth creating. Read more about the theme here.


Who attends this summit?

250 cultural community builders from across Burning Man’s Regional Network and staff from Headquarters. These include invited Burning Man Regional Contacts, staff members from Headquarters, regional event producers, artists and community builders.

What is the ELS Team seeking?

Our goal for the ELS is to foster co-learning amongst cultural community builders  and provocateurs from across Burning Man’s Regional Network dedicated to facilitating Burning Man culture in their local communities year-round. We are especially looking for session proposals that empower participants by giving them tools and tangible skills to immediately apply in their roles as community facilitators for their own, team or community development. 

Bonus points are given for: 

  • case studies from communities that have not been featured in previous ELS programs– we want to hear your voice! 
  • meaningful interactive workshop or session presented in a fun and playful way
  • programming that engages the theme
  • content covering the following critical community needs [add subjects from State of the Regional Network]

We also welcome creative contributions including art installations, performances and experiences that will inspire participants and enrich the summit experience in Tallinn. 

What is the deadline for my content proposal?

  • For content – 23 January 2024, 23:59 EEST. 
  • For art and performance –  1 March 2024, 23:59 EEST.

How do I submit my content proposal?

Grab a cup of tea, ward off distractions and take about 20 minutes to complete the content, art and performance proposal form.

It is important to clearly communicate expected outcomes and the nature of your session. Please include the following in your proposal for content:

  • Ideas and questions you wish to explore
  • Successes or challenges that showcase the ideas in your session (i.e.  lessons learned on event safety from last year’s regional burn)
  • Group or individual activities in your session, if any
  • Key takeaways or skills that you intend to convey 

Can I submit multiple proposals or nominations?

Yes, indeed. You can use the same form to submit a second (or third or eighth) proposal or nomination.

I need help shaping my proposal. Where do I start?

  1. Read the Content Proposal Form Question Preview
  2. Read the Call for Content Guide
  3. Review the Call for Content FAQ
  4. Watch videos from the 2019 European Leadership Summit for reference.

How can I make my proposal stand out?

Be clear in your title and description about what the session is. Please use the Call for Content Guide to help you craft your idea. Do your best to describe what your idea is about including what the audience will learn. 

How long do breakout sessions run?

They are typically 75-90 minutes. 

When will I receive a response about my content proposal?

By 4 March, 2024.

Do you pay a speaker or performance fee?

Burning Man Project does not pay a speaking or performance fee. Participant registration fees cover a small portion of conference production costs. We hope that speakers stay for multiple days of the ELS and connect with and learn from fellow co-creators  — it’s a fulfilling experience to be able to share with such an amazing group. We are very appreciative of all the ways our speakers contribute their time and energy in the spirit of Gifting and Communal Effort to support the network.

Are breakout sessions recorded and posted online?

Some sessions may be recorded with speakers’ permission and shared via Burning Man’s public YouTube channel, Vimeo platform accessible with a password, and via Burning Man Hive, Burning Man’s learning platform. We aspire to continue spreading knowledge across the network.

My session is confirmed for the ELS, what do I do next?

Please work on developing your content for presenting. A Content Team member will help shape the content with you and a Speaker Liaison will ensure you have all the next steps in place for facilitating your session.  Please watch your email for time-sensitive communications between your session’s acceptance and the summit kickoff!

You still haven’t answered my question.

Email elscontent-2024@burningman.org and we will do our best to respond.