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Kiwiburn is the longest-standing of Burningman international regionals. It has been held every year since 2004, and takes place over five days in the southern North Island in late January (in the NZ summer). It has progressively grown in size and diversity each year. Our first year was less than 100 participants, and in 2016 we were about 1500.

Kiwiburn was the inspiration of Mark 'Yonderman' Stirling who lived in Reno Nevada for five years while completing his Ph.D. He participated in a number of the early Burningmans from 1994-1997 which were life changing experiences for him. After moving back to New Zealand he was motivated to bring the Burningman ethos to New Zealand, and from small beginnings in the South Island's Golden Bay it has flourished to become the big thing it is now.

Moving to the North Island in 2007 was a time of significant growth and diversification for Kiwiburn, and the festival was appropriately named MegaMorphosis. Since then we have had many different themes at our main event. Kiwiburner events, parties and simple gatherings now take place during the year, with significant past events being Nakiburn, Hekeburn, and the Temple for Christchurch. The latter recognised the tragic loss of life during the devastating 2011 Christchurch earthquake. We celebrated our tenth anniversary burn a few years back. As I say, we have the longest longevity of any international regionals on the planet!!

You can find out more about our wonderful Kiwiburn community on the Kiwiburn website, facebook, and more. Come and be part of us! Plan your summer Southern Hemisphere vacation around Kiwiburn! And….if you are already part of our wonderful country, become part of the most wonderful art and community festival you’ll ever find.

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