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Hello, and welcome to the official regional page for the amazing Seattle burner community!

Seattle has a vibrant and active burner community, which creates and hosts numerous activities throughout the year. We have weekly potlucks that provide a regular opportunity for gathering, newbie events that provide fun and informative gateways to the larger community, and of course we have our larger gatherings such as our week-long camping and art filled regional event (Critical Northwest) and our decompression party (SeaCompression). Numerous other smaller gatherings and events happen throughout the year, so there’s never a lack of fun events to get your burn on – and we can’t wait to see you there!


Large Events

Critical Northwest

Website: www.criticalnw.org

Critical Northwest, our regional burn event that is held late July in Mount Vernon, has evolved since its humble beginnings in 2003 as a small weekend camping trip into a world-class week-long event that hosts original art and art cars, numerous theme camps, workshops, music, dance and just about everything else you can imagine.


Website:  www.seacompression.org

SeaCompression is our decompression party, which brings Burning Man to Seattle by recreating the Esplanade experience for one glittering night. Held every year in the fall, the event attracts over a thousand people – veterans and newbies alike. It also does double-duty as a fundraiser for grants, scholarships, and art project funding for our community, and has enabled many fantastic projects to come to life in our city (as well as BRC)!


Community Partners

Ignition Northwest (INW)

Website: www.ignitionnw.org

Ignition Northwest is a nonprofit organization that supports the Seattle Burning Man community by supporting production efforts for our larger events and providing resources, scholarships, and grant opportunities to artists and for a variety of projects.

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Get involved and find out about local happenings by signing up on our Announcement list, chat with other Burners on our Discussion lists, or follow us via your social media of choice - but definitely come out and get involved!

Announcement List:

The Washington - Seattle Announce list is a moderated announcements-only list for events of interest to local Burners. Recipients get regular updates, event listings, and Burning Man news from this list.

To subscribe, send a blank email to:

Discussion List:

There are a few discussion lists running in the Seattle area, and each has its own distinct way of connecting.

The 'original' email list - BurningMan-BC/WA has been revived!

The discussion page is located here: https://groups.io/g/Burningman-BCWA

To subscribe click here: burningman-BCWA+subscribe@groups.io

Rat City Burners: This list tends to be a bit more geographically specific. From their About page: "Here's a burner group for us south enders. Fremont ain't the center of the known universe... So if you are south of Spokane St (West Seattle counts, Capitol Hill doesn't), or are willing not to whine that all our events are south of Spokane St, this is the group for you."

Their Google Groups page is here: https://groups.google.com/g/ratcityburners

To subscribe click here: ratcityburners+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

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