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Burners in the “City that Works” have been hard at work unifying what were once a set of separated tribes. Now, after several challenging and inspiring years, relationships have developed a deeply connected and ever growing family, forged from big fires and strange chaos.


In May 2009, we founded a Non-For-Profit organization: the Bold Urban Renaissance Network NFP (aka B.U.R.N.) that sponsors the urban Decompression event “Freecompression”, Town Hall (Spring), monthly Meet and Greets activities, Newbie Night pre-burn orientation, and our Chicago Regional event, “B.U.R.N. Burn”.   It also sponsors an arts grant program with an annual budget of $3000-$6000.  B.U.R.N. provides financial sponsorship and support for the Chicago chapter of Burners Without Borders.

B.U.R.N. is all-volunteer and managed by a committee of experienced burners from different groups, with subcommittees that allow direct participation to match a volunteer’s interest and expertise, and to gain experience and skills working with our vibrant community.

Members of our community also produce and support a variety of other events including Chiditarod food drive/shopping cart race (March), Resonate (March/April), Bunny Con (April), Lakes of Fire (late June), Halsted Halloween Parade (in October), Santa Kong (in December), SynchroniCity’s Christmas Tree Burn (in January), and the monthly Full Moon Fire Jam (April-October).

Chicago’s Burners Without Borders have joined forces with city and civic agencies, neighborhood associations, and residents to help people help themselves in cases where traditional infrastructures have failed. Together, we can make a difference. Projects have included: downspout disconnections, Loyola University at Chicago’s annual Earth Night celebration, Green Festival performances, recycled art projects at Looptopia, and the Green Office Challenge.

Chicago welcomes all other Illinois burners and frequently partners with neighboring areas. This has blossomed into the Lakes of Fire, an official Burning Man regional event, organized by burners from Chicago, Detroit, Wisconsin, and Western Michigan.

Our Newbie Night orientation for those going to Black Rock City for the first time is traditionally held the last week of July. Details will be posted on the announcement and discussion lists below.

11.28.23 20:05 UTC


Get involved and find out about local happenings by signing up on our Announcement list, chat with other Burners on our Discussion lists, or follow us via your social media of choice - but definitely come out and get involved!

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Steve the Ghost
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A lot of art looks really cool when it's on fire.
Scott "Scott Free" Arciniegas
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This text will be replaced at a later date. Probably.
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Generally speaking, usually part of the problem.
Amanda Prentice (aka Sphinx Goddexx)
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I'd like "Radical Self-Love" to be the 12th Principle.
Sean Corbett (aka Poseidon)
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The ratchet straps are art if you use them creatively!