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WHAT? Burning Man is not a festival, it’s a living entity made out of great individuals that co-manifest their most authentic selves and share it with others.

SO WHAT? Romania is now officially part of the Regional Network which is like a common grid of permanent inter-action between like-minded lovers of radical self-expression.



In the meantime, you can get in touch with this community by sending an email to or joining the mailing list below.

07.07.20 22:03 UTC


Get involved and find out about local happenings by signing up on our Announcement list, chat with other Burners on our Discussion lists, or follow us via your social media of choice - but definitely come out and get involved!

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The Romania Announce list is a moderated announcements-only list for events of interest to local Burners. Recipients get regular updates, event listings, and Burning Man news from this list.

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Connect with us and get involved. Let's create that gifting spiral that spirals around! 

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