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Kiwiburn is the longest-running Burning Man international Regional event, held almost every year since 2004*, and taking place over six days in the southern North Island in late January (in the New Zealand summer). It has progressively grown in size and diversity each year, from less than 100 participants in the first year to over 2300 in 2023.

Mark ‘Yonderman’ Stirling was living in Reno, Nevada for five years while completing his Ph.D., and participated in Burning Man from 1994-1997. These were life changing experiences for him. After moving home to New Zealand he was inspired to bring the Burning Man ethos to New Zealand, and from small beginnings in the South Island’s Golden Bay it has flourished to become the successful event it is today.

Moving to the North Island in 2007 was a time of significant growth and diversification for Kiwiburn, and the theme that year was, appropriately, MegaMorphosis. Kiwiburn has grown significantly since then, with many Kiwiburner events, parties and gatherings taking place throughout the year.

One of the biggest celebrations was ‘EnlighTENment’, the tenth anniversary Burn in 2013, for which Burning Man team members traveled to New Zealand to attend. Also significant was the large civic art project, the Temple for Christchurch, built in 2013 by veteran Burner, Hippathy Valentine, to honour the people of a city left broken by the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

Auckland Burners received a Burning Man Honoraria Grant in 2016 for The Giant Weta art installation, built in Auckland out of steel then shipped to Black Rock City and home again in time for Kiwiburn.

Learn more about the wonderful Kiwiburn community through the website and social media. Plan your summer Southern Hemisphere vacation around Kiwiburn and join the crew on the Paddock! If you are already living in New Zealand, become part of the most wonderful art and community festival you’ll ever find.
*no events in 2019 or 2022



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