Meta Regionals


To develop and support processes by which the Global Network can become more self-sustaining. And to provide leadership mentoring to the Regional organization. To provide input on strategic direction and offer on-the-ground perspective for the Burning Man Project in an advisory capacity.


  • Serve as a source of support and development for the entire Burning Man Global Network.
  • Uphold and review individual issues/complaints regarding Global Contacts and activities.
  • Make recommendations for the Global Contact Intake Process.
  • Contribute to the mentorship of new Global Contacts.
  • Inspire leadership within the greater Burning Man community.
  • Provide feedback to HQ on Global Network needs and representation.
  • Manage the voting process for Meta Committee seats.
  • Help develop the Events Committee for the Regionals Team at Burning Man HQ, provide advice on structure, and offer expertise via the Meta Event Production seat
  • Provide input and help develop the annual Global Leadership Conference and where possible, the regional summits / gatherings (Europe, Northwest, Great Lakes, Southeast etc.)
  • Support the Global Network in story telling.


Nominated by BURNING MAN HQ*

  1. Northwest/BC/Alaska: Kay Morrison (Seattle)
  2. CA-NV-AZ-HI: Ernest Belding (Los Angeles)
  3. Mid-South & New Mexico: Scott Platsky (Arizona)
  4. Rocky Mountains/SAS/ALB: Jackie Latendresse (Saskatchewan)
  5. Great Lakes/Midwest/MAN/ONT: Jon “Groot” Groot (Chicago)
  6. Northeast/QUE/NB/NS: Peter Durand (Boston)
  7. Southeast: William “Sauce” Funderburk (North Carolina)
  8. International: Misa Rygrova (Czech)
  9. International: Ian Rowen (China and Taiwan)
  10. SF/Representative from BMHQ: Megs Rutigliano (BMHQ)

*Seats 1-10 are nominated and placed by Burning Man HQ. These seats will belong to current Regional Contacts or Alumni in Good Standing.

Nominated by BURNING MAN HQ*

  1. Event production (expertise): Tzara Vierck (Portland)
  2. Civic (BWB style) Activities: Eric Griswold (Wisconsin)
  3. Social Alchemy (development and people skills): Cynthia “Cooky” Jones (Detroit)

*Seats 11-13 are placed by Burning Man HQ for the short term. Eventually these seats will be self- or peer-nominated by the Regional Network. These seats need not be a Regional Contact.

Nominated by Regional Network *

  1. Local Leader (a skilled person whose work will further the initiatives set forth by the committee): Rachel “Squishelle” Proulx (Vancouver)

*This seat need not be a Regional Contact.

Meta Administrator

Jay “Everyman” Kennedy

Voting will occur at the annual Caucus. Inaugurations will occur at the Burning Man event.

Definitions of Regions/US States and Canada

  1. Northwest represents BC plus WA, AK, OR, ID
  2. CA-NV-AZ-HI
  3. Mid-South represents KY, TN, OK, MS, LA, AR, TX, & NM
  4. Rocky Mountain represents MT, ND, SD, NE, WY, CO, UT plus SAS & ALB
  5. Great Lakes & Midwest represents MI, OH, IN, IL, MO, KS, MN, IA, WI plus MAN & ONT
  6. Northeast represents QUE, NB & NS plus VT, ME, NH, NY, MA, CT, RI, DE, NJ, PA
  7. Southeast represents MD, DC, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, & PR

Meta Regional Nominee Criteria

Meta Regional Member has demonstrated extensive leadership experience in any of the following areas:

  • Organizational functionality (non-profit or LLC or steering committee)
  • Community-building experience
  • Has outlasted or overcome local drama

Meta Regional Members will also be selected based upon:

  • Successful track record within the Regional Network
  • Maturity level
  • Peer respect