United Kingdom Regional Contact Call Out

Hello United Kingdom Burners!

We are opening up the process to empower Burners living in the United Kingdom to better support cultural growth across your region.

As Laura Jayne has retired, we wish her well in future endeavors and thank her for her time served in the RC role.

Our team is now searching for community members, in collaboration with local leaders, to contribute their spark and step into this Regional Contact leadership role.

Regional Contacts volunteer year-round to build and nurture Burning Man community initiatives on a local level. They facilitate communication and collaboration with and between local community members, various local community groups and the Burning Man Regional Network Team. Could this be YOU?

If you live in the United Kingdom year-round and are interested in becoming a Burning Man Regional Contact, please take a moment to read about the Regional Network, search process, and  Regional Leadership Criteria. We are specifically highlighting the desire for the following skills and attributes for the RC role in the United Kingdom community:

  • Is collaborative, works well with a range of personalities, and can build bridges between community members across the full United Kingdom region including new members and re-engaging established members

  • Is interested in listening and responding to community needs and ideas

  • Has strong written, verbal, and public speaking communication skills; understands the importance of communication as a community-building and strengthening tool

  • Has access to and is familiar with using social media

  • Can work with Google Group e-mail lists and can post and approve posts to the list in a consistent and timely manner

  • Embraces feedback from the community and recognizes the need for a leader to plan for their own eventual succession

  • Can maintain a mindset of flexibility about ownership rather than possession and is willing to help build a team through delegating and sharing responsibilities to develop the leaders of tomorrow

  • Has conflict resolution and community mediation skills

  • Has capacity to take on the full duties of the Regional Contact role

  • Priority will be given to applicants outside of London – we’d specifically love for the northern UK to have an RC!

If you feel qualified to self-nominate to be a Burning Man Regional Contact, please let us know before midnight EST on Thursday December 1st by:

  • Emailing regional-network@burningman.org: please add United Kingdom Regional Contact in the subject line and tell us a bit about yourself, your local involvement, and your relevant leadership experience.

  • Completing the volunteer questionnaire. Log into your Burner Profile and complete the Burning Man Volunteer Questionnaire, which you can find under Participation Forms.

If you have already filled one out, please check that you’ve indicated “Regional Contacts” as one of your areas of interest.

After the two-week window to self-nominate closes, we’ll send out a community feedback survey to gather community input on community members’ experiences with each candidate.

Key dates in our United Kingdom intake process, subject to change, are:

  • Dec. 1, 2022:  Deadline to self-nominate with letter and submitted volunteer questionnaire.

  • Dec. 5 – Dec. 19, 2022: Opportunity for community feedback on candidates.

  • January 3-16, 2023: Candidates will be interviewed by the local and international interview team.

  • Jan 30, 2023:  We hope to have the final decisions made and announcements shared.

If you feel like you may be a good fit for the United Kingdom RC team, we warmly welcome you to step up and take part in our selection process. If you have specific questions, my team can be reached at regional-network@burningman.org.

With Appreciation,
Regional Network Team
Burning Man Project

Please note, the Burning Man offices will be closed from November 21-25 for the US Thanksgiving holiday.