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Greetings from your Reno Regional Contacts! Reno and the surrounding communities of Northern Nevada and Northeast California are the Gateway To Burning Man. We like to think of ourselves as 'Backyard Burners'. Reno has a great and ever growing Burner Community, with events happening all year round. We had our annual Town Hall at the old downtown post office and spotlighted multiple art projects destined for playa, local happenings, interaction with local groups and shared art grant opportunities.  Many art projects were created locally for the playa in 2018, including the Great Train Wreck, Baba Yaga's House, Eye Robot, BeBot, Temple Galaxia and many others.  Recent news: We are thrilled to welcome the Burning Man Reno office to town and we look forward to collaborating efforts on many fronts! More burner art is being aquired and installed around northern Nevada. The Gateway Project has assembled more burner art  at the Playa Art Park in downtown Reno, presented in a park-like setting, beautifying an otherwise vacant lot. Reno Burners llc continues to produce Reno Decompression to raise funds for art grants and charitable contributions within our community. To see what's going on, visit or just link to our:

Reno / Tahoe Burner Calendar


05.29.19 04:00 UTC


Get involved and find out about local happenings by signing up on our Announcement list, chat with other Burners on our Discussion lists, or follow us via your social media of choice - but definitely come out and get involved!

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The Reno Announce list is a moderated announcements-only list for events of interest to local Burners. Recipients get regular updates, event listings, and Burning Man news from this list.

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The discussion email list is for everything else you wish to discuss, as long as it is of interest to a significant part of our community, except for politics and religion.

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Regional Contacts:

Dale Weber a.k.a. Stroker
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"Go ahead... do it. What could possibly go wrong?"
Danielle "Gemini" Gann-Lind
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"riding the edge of chaos since 2003"
Alt - Rod Coleman
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"Art is that which everything else isn't" - Theodore Roethke