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Hello there Montana Burners. As you may know Chris Henry is passing his glorious, very manly and abnormally large regional torch to us grasshoppers to handle all you rowdy folks here in Montana. He has served the community well and it will be our task to live up to the standard of love for the community and the level of professionalism he has set through his time as your regional contact. (dont worry he still sits behind the virtual thrown ready to give us a good flogging if we get caught slippin) Thanks Hendawg

You have a new team of regional contacts Wally Dutton and Justin Wagner. Justin is from the Missoula area and is an 11 year Burner and Black Rock Ranger. First Burn was in 2001. Wally's first Burn was 1993!!! We are both very excited to be serving Montana

It is our intention to bring Montana Burners together. After this Burn we would like to get the Montana crew to come to Bozeman, and the Bozeman crew to come to Missoula, and everyone in between! We will also be setting up video/web chats to connect everyone across the state. Lots in the works

We are interested in organizing an official Regional Burn but need everyone on board to make it happen. There are hundreds of Burners in Montana! If we all come together Montanas can creat the most awesome ridiculous things! And of course since Montana is the best darn tootin place in the US we gotta show em how its done 🙂 Lets all connect!

05.17.16 16:52 UTC


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