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Idaho is home to an amazing community of Burners! Please check us out at or Xanadu at 5015 Bond on Facebook. You can also join the Idaho Annouunce list, however it isn't used very frequently.

What are we doing?

In 2015 we were given an amazing gift called Xanadu. It's a 7000 square foot work space with 3 huge finished rooms where you can hold classes, seminars, meetings, or almost any burner or non-burner thing you wish. This is a community art center for all. We have a shop which includes welding, woodworking, machine, and electronics stations. We have a second woodshop, carving area, and workspace in our basement. We have classrooms, meeting spaces, and yoga and dance. We hold special events and you can too! If you want to take part please join us at 

If you want to learn we have teachers available. You never know what's being built so show up and find out. Do you want to hold a thing of your own? Sign up. We want you!

Projects are being developed for Burningman 2019 at Xanadu right now. Come help, and see your efforts on display on the playa and elsewhere. Can't go to Burningman? Idaho's Decompression is already building!

We wish to continue to hold our official Decompression in early October. It has historically been held at Twin Springs, but the county wants a secondary exit, and this isn't financially feasible. If you or someone you know is burner friendly and has the right piece of land please contact me at and I will get the information to the Decompression team.

We also participate in the Boise Goathead Fest, Soak, Element 11, Montopia, and other regionals. Come to the shop and get involved! Not everyone can go to the Burn, but regionals are a fantastic alternative. They are like Burningman on a smaller scale and they are amazing.

Idaho and beyond, come join us. If you are out of state, visit us when you are here. Idaho is an amazing place. If you like the outdoors this is the place. You can be at hotsprings, in the mountains, rafting a river, or in a desert canyon within an hour of Boise. We have burners across the state as well, so please look us up… Welcome!

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Get involved and find out about local happenings by signing up on our Announcement list, chat with other Burners on our Discussion lists, or follow us via your social media of choice - but definitely come out and get involved!

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