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In the famed Asian Mega-City with over 20 million inhabitants our events brings and meet-ups cover a network of Burners from Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. Shanghai burners are members of various playa theme camps. We make plans to meet-up with other China-based Burners on the Playa each year. In 2012 three Shanghai Burners camped together, possibly the earliest formation of a Shanghai Theme Camp. Together they visited the Chinese Speaker’s Tea Party to meet the hosts from other regions such as Beijing.

A Message from the Founder of Dragon Burn

In June of 2014 my dream of seeing a regional satellite burn take place here in China came true – on an island in ancient Lake Tai 300 Chinese and foreign participants came to DragonBurn for three days and two nights of music,art, and performance. In 2015 Dragon Burn was held on a pristine lake in Anji in Anhui province 4 hours from Shanghai, with more artist participation and another fantastic effigy burn.  

This year on Mayday we will return to Anji for our seventh regional Burn! Shanghai and China burners will be back at the Playa in Nevada this year.  Tickets are available very soon!

Please support us by visiting the DragonBurn site and our Facebook page.




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The China - Shanghai Announce list is a moderated announcements-only list for events of interest to local Burners. Recipients get regular updates, event listings, and Burning Man news from this list.

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In China Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are blocked by the great Firewall. Many of us gain access through what is known as a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. The easiest way to keep up to date is to visit the website and sign up for the newsletter.

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