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To The Moon (Postponed)

June 18, 2020 - June 21, 2020

| $49.99 – $99.99

Your BOD has been hard at work trying to figure out how / what / when To The Moon 2020 will happen, and we are ready to announce ALL the things for our half a decade

To The Moon’s 2020’s cosmic coordinates are shifting by a few degrees from Sneedville TN to
⭐️ Allardt (near Jamestown) in middle Tennessee!!! ⭐️
🌙🌙 YESSS, The Moon is moving: 🌙🌙
🌓 to the brand new Catoosa Event Center, a 150 plus acres closed golf course near beautiful and historic Jamestown Tennessee in Fentress County. 🌓

It is an absolute honor to be given the opportunity of breaking this gorgeous virgin ground with the owners and our home burn!!!

**** To The Moon happens June 18 – June 21, 2020 ****
Not only does Saturday burn night fall on the Summer Solstice –
but Sunday, Temple Burn, falls on a New Moon!!!
This interstellar trifecta of perfect cosmic convergence of space – time – celestial happenings was a sign for us that we couldn’t have chosen a more perfect date if we tried!

The new property
⚡️has almost 4 miles of drivable golf cart roads, perfect for bikes, your own carts, art cars, segways, unicycles, etc
⚡️comes with a lake complete with Party BARge!
⚡️sports a pond which we’ll turn into an art project
⚡️features only one road in and out, with the entire property being enclosed by woods, tucked away nicely
⚡️contains THREE waterfalls, a creek and a huge open field for our burns and large scale art projects
⚡️offers oodles of woods, perfect for shaded camping, theme camps, hammocks and art installations
⚡️hides a beautiful amphitheater style cave which will be utilized for something very special
⚡️has enough trails, boulders, and tucked away nooks and crannies for unlimited growth potential
💫 First round of Invites goes on sale January 20, 2020, at 20:20 PM CST (( 8:20 PM CST / 9:20 PM EST )) || SOLD OUT
💫 2nd round of Invites goes on sale February 20, 2020 at 20:20 PM CST (( 8:20 PM CST / 9:20 PM EST ))
💫 Pickle Tickets, DGS to be announced in January
💥 Adult Invites: $99.99 (18+)
💥 Child Invites: $49.99 (5-17, free 4 and under)
💥 Pickle Invites: $49.99
💫 To The Moon will be capped at 1200 invites
This was a difficult decision to contemplate, let alone make. We will miss and always love the Clinch River, Spirit Crossing and Wes, whom we are so grateful for, for giving us our first home over four years ago.

Spirit Crossing will forever hold a special place in our hearts ♥ Yet due to this year’s challenges, being flanked on two sides by public roads in addition to the river risk, we really had no choice but to relocate. Not in defeat, but with the best interest of this, YOUR Tennessee home burn at heart.
We trust from the bottom of those very hearts that you have as much faith in your BOD as your BOD has in this decision, and celebrate half a decade of Moon Magic with us at the incredible
🌒Catoosa Event Center 🌒

To The Moon’s 2020 Theme is

Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon where multiple senses are blended, such as tasting colors or seeing sounds. The word synesthesia comes from two Greek words, syn (together) and aisthesis (perception). Therefore, synesthesia literally means “joined perception.”

Imagine that the color purple vibrates and feels warm, or has a sound like thunder or waves crashing. Maybe the sound of laughter is pink, or strawberries taste like Beethoven’s 9th.

I feel that this could open up a world of possibilities as far as theme camps, art projects, etc. I believe that this theme would encourage attendees to explore their senses, while finding a way to connect channels that normally wouldn’t be connected.

Thanks to Elissa Morris for this fabulous submission!


June 18, 2020
June 21, 2020
$49.99 – $99.99
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