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the What Now

September 22, 2017 - September 24, 2017

| Free

The What Now ( South Eastern NC)
Sept 22-24, 2017
Elizabethtown, NC
location tba on Facebook Page.


the What Now is a free and freeing transformational gathering in Southeastern North Carolina. We practice the 10 principles of Burning Man during this weekend, with a high emphasis on decommodification. Camps and participants are encouraged to spend as little money as possible on new objects to participate at this event, to inspire creative use of existing materials, and repurposing others, challenging the notion of what one really needs.

It’s not a huge event. Last year, we had about 120 people, and is mainly attended by particpants from the region. But everyone is welcome!

“What Now?” The concept behind it, is a weekend of clearing one’s energies/weight/past in various forms, so they can look to the future, wondering “what now?” Whether it’s by burning an effigy, smashing their old possession, destroying past love letters/ letting go of passed loved ones, banging on an aggression pole to release anger, a confessional station to release regrets, or other ceremonially cleansing type activities/areas.

The concept is easy and difficult at the same time. How do you let go of something that’s holding you? Can you make the conscious decision to do that? Maybe you don’t have to. Perhaps someone else will have provided the perfect vehicle to do so, and an offer that you can’t resist. Sometimes, it takes a village.

What Now’s Purpose is to start people thinking of that which they want to let go, and building an experience / ceremony / big-to-do about that thing, and get it out of your system. Once that thing is gone in a blaze of glory, it leaves you free space for new, greater things.
After all, that which you hold, holds you.

There are no dumpsters provided at What Now. This is not a junkyard. Pack it in, pack it out.

A large number of burners participate in this event, but it’s open to everyone.
State and local laws apply, including a collective sense of decency and common sense.

How to participate: Create art out of things you wish to part with, or “send off” in grand fashion. We’re not talking about burning your grungy couch. A good example we use:

Say you used to be a great Bowler and have lots of trophies but they are no longer enjoyable to you. Giving them away seems weird. Throwing them away seems worse. After all, you earned those accolades! But now, those trophies are collecting dust, and they’re a pain to move. Besides, your bowling days are long gone. So how to part with them in a suitable way?

What if those Trophies became the pins in a pop-up bowling alley art project?  They become fun and you’ve sent them back to the ether, making way for new things and creating new memories from old ones.
Now you’re thinking!

We look forward to all the strange projects that will undoubtedly take place in 2017.
Thanks for being brave and letting go.
So What Now?


September 22, 2017
September 24, 2017
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