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Cosmic Experience: New Beginnings (Ithaca, NY)

July 1 - July 4

Go to Burning Man’s 10 Principles and learn more!

We encourage everyone to read and interpret them before attending any Burning Man event


Cosmic Interpretation of the Burning Man 10 Principles,


Radical Inclusion: We will accept anybody, but we can’t accept everybody. Burning is not for everyone. However, we welcome anyone with an open mind.


Gifting: Do something for someone just because. Love is not transactional!


Decommodification: We dont want hear about or see your side hustle. No Commercial Branding, or promoting


Radical Self-reliance: Bring what you need. We are not your mom!!!


Radical Self-Expression: We are not here to judge.


Communal Effort: If someone needs help, help them, volunteer make things happen!


Civic Responsibility: We all look out for one another.


Leave No Trace: Leave it better than we found it


Particpation:No Specatators! Join in the fun, this is why you are here.


Immediacy:When opportunity knocks, answer the dang door!




Rule #1: Don’t be a DICK


We believe that we can have a small burn without the bureaucracy found at most burns. With our smaller size and the majority of participants being experienced burners, there is no need for specialized departments like Greeters, Rangers, Sanctuary, MASH, Fire Patrols, Perimeter, Inspections, Placement, etc. We expect everyone to watch out for each other and pitch in to make the event a success. We also expect that if you bring an inexperienced person to the event, you will help them acclimate to the community. And of course, everyone is expected to follow Rule #1.


As we grow, we learn, we change.

While we dont have indivdual departments, we do need & love volunteers!

We at Cosmic don’t think anyone department is more important than another.

Volunteer shifts are a do-it-all. You are DPW, you are Rangera, you are Mash, and you are Fire.

We encourage you to walk the site on your shifts, keep an eye out, fix infustructure, make friends & help your fellow burner.

If things are too crazy every COSMIC Board of Director is always on radio and always willing to step in.


July 1
July 4


CKMGNT Productions
(607) 339-7085


Private Land
100 W 124th Street North Colfax, IA , IA 50054 United States + Google Map