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Burning Leaves 2018 (Burn-O-Ween!)

October 18, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - October 21, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Come be/become a BURNING LEAF and GLAMPOUT with us (venue is purrfect!) for our third annual BIG BURN;–an autumnal weekend of ART, FIRE, RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION, and CONNECTION guided (but NOT ruled!) by (PLEASE READ THESE! We’ll wait;) THE TEN PRINCIPLES: (as well as our own of CONSENT and RESPECT*) http://burningman.org/culture/philosophical-center/10-principles/) [*ANNOYING LEGALESE: Burning Leaves is not affiliated with the Burning Man Project or BM Regional Network. We are a related Burner tribe,though we aspire to make BL feel like an intimate BM in the woods of central PA!]
HOW IS A BURN DIFFERENT FROM A HIPPIE FESTIVAL??! (Please read if you don’t really or fully know!!!) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fe9UPtKHOcFWDSHs0OhjZd44uufOT9MF1RVbjXbPKAM/edit?usp=sharing

There will be a MAJOR BURN EACH NIGHT, (Friday build by Bob the Builder, Effigy&Temple by @Atelierdejohnian, and others!) preceded by badass FIRE CONCLAVES, a bacchanalian EFFIGY BURN Saturday night, and a somber and reflective (Sleepy Hollowish?!) TEMPLE BURN Sunday (precisely at sunset) to wrap things up right! (DON’T LEAVE EARLY!) We will keep continual bonfires (conversation pits) burning from Thursday on, and have fantastic impromptu fire and LED spinning and flow performances throughout, (from professionals and flow artists of all levels!) various scheduled activities and workshops, and of course lots of acts of random unconditional gift-giving throughout!
Come ADD YOUR FLAME (&feel free to ‘Share’ here!) to this tertiary year of our ‘Big Burn’ event in a blissful ‘back to Burner roots,’ Halloween-themed event, and BLAZE BRIGHTLY with our tribe this Fall!🔥❤️🔥

**This year’s theme will be “BURN-O-WEEN!” So kindly bring ALL the Jack-o-lanterns, all the GLOW and FLOW toys, costumes, and of course all of the tricks and treats! ;)**

“Do what you feel; be who you are!”

*PLEASE FREQUENTLY CHECK THE PINNED POST for latest news/weekly updates about the event! Message directly or post to page for any questions!
PARTICIPATE!!! *VOLUNTEER SIGN-UPS: (A prerequisite before buying your Volunteer Ticket type!) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GllCimF-i39znPVwi2vL7ZzuaMxSRtrQOrNBYL9Lr_g/mobilebasic
WORKSHOP/ACTIVITIES/LECTURES SIGN-UP: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IxX8fZlmxooouu5K6E_Prd059IHgbuomaPVmeiITEj0/edit?usp=sharing

OUR NEW VENUE: (woodsy home) http://www.ywcayork.org/site/c.7oIIJOPrGgIUF/b.8386669/k.7CBE/Camp_CannEdiOn.htm We are taking over the Camp Cann-Edi-0n in its entirety for FOUR days (for a more immersive and inclusive experience!) this year;– some twenty perfectly wooded acres (and large tenting field) bordered by lovely meandering Conewago Creek. It has MANY CLEAN INDOOR BATHROOMS, HOT SHOWERS, and sinks for washing dishes! Join us at this lavish (we have a DOZEN super decadent cabins for rent!) pastoral YWCA camp venue, (Camp Cann-Edi-On Alumni) participate in a workshop/activity in the ‘Plurrtunda’ or large Energy Bizarre buildings, go for a hike on one of the well-marked trails, or just hang out on the large rocks and build rock piles or meditate by the babbling creek.

For pictures,videos, and highlights from past events, (a little mental kindling/compression?) and to be kept in the loop about all upcoming BL events, large and intimate, please check out: (and ‘LIKE’?!) THE ATELIER DE JOHN IAN www.facebook.com/atelierdejohnian

SOUND POLICY: At night, we will use the rotunda to play (chill) electronic music in, as (generally) scheduled beforehand. At campsites or cabins, sound should never exceed a level where folks can’t have a conversation from twenty feet away! Sound checks will be made throughout the night to ensure the YWCA/groundskeeper is not disturbed by the music.

DOG/PET POLICY: ALL DOGS must be pre-approved to attend by MEGG Y BAILEY (message her here first!) and be kept ON A LEASH at all times when with owner/walker, or TIED UP at campsite/kept in camper or RV!! This policy will be strictly enforced!!
*CONSENT: ALWAYS ASK FIRST!!! Even for a hug! Some people might feel more comfortable with just a fist or even elbow bump! When in doubt, ALWAYS ASK! Consent is sexy as well;–there is no doubt. Consent is one very important part of

RESPECT: This refers to how any attendee acts towards another attendee. It has nothing to do with speech or self-expression whatsoever. (unless that speech or expression is deliberately and repeatedly disrespectful/insulting.) “Whatever is/could be hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.”


October 18, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
October 21, 2018 @ 7:00 pm