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With the world's largest population, a vigorous international community, and the factories that make all of your blinkies, China is an increasingly vital hub of burner activity.

On the playa, we keep our community coming together through the Annual Chinese Speakers' Tea Party, a Burning Man tradition since 2004.

In China proper, burner culture broke through to the masses with the 2006 Beijing Burning Man Film Festival, and fiery threads continue spreading.


A Timeline…

September 2004 – 1st Annual Chinese Speakers Tea Party (on-playa)
November 2006 – Beijing Burning Man Film Festival
November 17, 2007 –  Beijing Decompression Event at Club Obiwan
July 17, 2009 – Burners Without Borders Global Benefit “Desert Dance” for “Greening the Beige”
November 11, 2012 – Shanghai Decompression Event at Inferno

Burning Man 2013 – China & Taiwan CORE Project, "Enlightenment"

2004- ongoing annually:  Chinese Tea Speakers Tea Party at Burning Man

12.12.13 01:00 UTC


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