Meta Regional Communications Subcommittee

Mission Statement:

The Meta Communications Committee serves as a resource for improving communication about the Burning Man Regional Network within the organization, on the playa, and to the world. This includes ways in which the Meta Regional Contacts facilitates communication with other Burning Man groups, including the Regional Contacts,other Burning Man teams, and the Burning Man Project Board.

  • Improve communication between Meta Regionals Contacts and Regional Contacts.
  • Improve communication between Meta Regional Contacts, Burning Man Project Board and Burning Man teams.
  • Improve storytelling about Burning Man culture.
  • Improve communication on Playa.
  • Review Burning Man Project public announcements and provide feedback prior to release


  • Develop yearly goals.
  • Provide a bi-yearly status of committee’s activities to the Meta Regional Committee, Regional Network Committee and Burning Man Project Board.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Share the work equally among committee members.
  • Publish monthly meeting minutes

Peter Durand, Kay Morrison (Seattle), squishelle (Vancouver), Cooky (Michigan), Iris Yee (Burning Man HQ)
Contact Information